Based in Torrington, North Devon, Dartington Crystal manufactures crystal using traditional Swedish glass blowing techniques. 

Many of their ranges continue to be hand crafted in their Devon factory, and Dartington is now the only crystal brand still producing in the UK.

Our range of Dartington glass and crystal features both traditional and contemporary designs, with something to suit all tastes and budgets.

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Dartington  "Wine and Bar" Red Wine (Pair)

Dartington "Wine & Bar"  Champagne Flute

Dartington "Wine & Bar"  Port Glass

Dartington "Wine & Bar" Brandy Glass

Dartington "Wine & Bar" Port Glass (Pair)

Dartington "Wine & Bar" Sherry (Pair)

Dartington "Wine & Bar" Sherry Glass

Dartington "Wine and Bar" White Wine Glass (Pair)

Dartington Barleycorn Tankard

Dartington Bloom Marguerite Vase

Dartington Brewcraft Cider Glass

Dartington Crystal Wine Master Champagne Flutes (Pair)

Dartington Essentials Red Wine

Dartington Flower Garden Blossom Vase

Dartington Flower Garden Foliage Vase

Dartington Flower Garden Spray Vase

Dartington G&T Copa (Pair)

Dartington Glitz Brandy Goblet

Dartington Glitz Champagne Flute (Single)

Dartington Glitz Champagne Flutes (Pair)

Dartington Glitz Dragonfly Vase

Dartington Glitz Gin (Single)

Dartington Glitz Gin Copa (Pair)

Dartington Glitz Romance Champagne Flutes (Pair)

Dartington Glitz Wine Glass (Single)

Dartington Just for Two Champagne Flutes

Dartington Just the One Gin Copa

Dartington Red Wine (Short stem)

Dartington Romance Flower Vase (Medium)

Dartington Single Gin Copa

Dartington Soren Medium Decanter

Dartington Ultimate Cider Glass

Dartington Whisky Tumbler

Dartington White Wine (Short stem)

Dartington Wibble Wide Vase

Dartington Wine & Bar Brandy Glasses (Pair)

Dartington Wine & Bar Slim Gin Glasses

Wine & Bar Tumbler (Pair)

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